Movable Glass Partition

The MGP system provides the perfect solution for storefronts, restaurants and office environments where transparent space utilisation is the key requirement. It comprises of toughened glass panels secured in top and bottom profile elements which glide smoothly along an overhead track system.

The MGP system is available in moveable, folding, fixed and sliding glass walls configurations.

Stacking areas can be incorporated to enable panels to be stored away when the space needs to be opened up for access.

There are no floor tracks or guides ensuring a clear threshold, free of dirt traps and obstructions. Doors can be incorporated at virtually any point along the partition and can be either single or double acting. The unique locking mechanism ensures that there is minimal hardware used, ensuring a smooth panel appearance.

The system is fully secured by either mechanical or electrically operated locking mechanisms.

The Aluminium T- 10 rail system with curve crossings and coated ball bearing train gearing mechanisms guarantee excellent movability of wall and door elements. Curve crossings guarantee that even high elements are light and easy to move.

glass partitions


  • Aluminium frame profile finished in:
    • Brass coating
    • Anodised
    • Powder coated paint
    • Decoral decorative coating
  • Glass
    • Tempered safety glass 10 - 12 mm
    • Tempered / laminated 5 + 5 mm
  • Treatment of glass
    • Bright, bronze or grey
    • Coloured lamination film
    • Sandblasted
    • Silk screen
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