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Movable Wall Product Range

Operable walls

Operable movable Walls The operable wall series (also known as movable walls) is the highest specification range of fully operable, individual-panel partition system that we manufacture.
Acoustic insulation of up to 56dB noise reduction is achieved within the movable wall. Operable top and bottom seals, high performance multiple infill's and a panel assembly design that allows an acoustic break between the frame and outer layer combine to provide excellent noise reduction.


Sliding Folding Walls

Sesam Vikett

Folding Walls -Sliding Partitions - Sesam Vikett
The Sesam Vikett is a range of folding wall systems that incorporates a series of flat panels (each up to 900mm wide) that are hinged together to give a flush appearance when closed. The panels are manoeuvred on either a ceiling mounted track or an ultra low profile floor track system.

Expanding Walls

Expanding Walls
The Dividers range of expanding wall partitions are the key to flexible space utilisation. Whether in schools, hotels, community buildings or leisure centres, the Dividers expanding wall partition provides simple and cost effective solutions to space planning challenges, wherever space is at a premium.

Glass Partitions

Glass Partitions
The MGP system provides the perfect solution for storefronts, restaurants and office environments where transparent space utilisation is the key requirement. It comprises of toughened glass panels secured in top and
bottom profile elements which glide smoothly along an overhead track system.

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